[Can you eat oranges with a bad stomach]_Digestive function_Impact

[Can you eat oranges with a bad stomach]_Digestive function_Impact

Oranges are a fruit with high nutritional value, and the vitamins contained in oranges are relatively high, which is very helpful to supplement the vitamins that the human body lacks.

Oranges can not be eaten directly, but they can also be squeezed. Orange juice is a favorite drink for many children.

However, because oranges are cold and sour, many diseases are not suitable for oranges.

So, can you eat oranges if you have a bad stomach?

For chronic chronic discomfort, pay attention to the following points: 1.

Daily meals are not full at regular intervals; if conditions permit, it is best to eat a small number of meals, 5-7 meals a day.


Avoid excessive mechanical and chemical stimulation of food, increase mechanical damage to the mucosa, and damage the gastric mucosal barrier, such as coarse grains, celery, chives, snow vegetables, bamboo shoots and dried fruits; chemical stimulation will increase gastric acid secretion and stimulate the stomachMucosa such as coffee, strong tea, spirits, thick broth, etc.


Taboo foods that are prone to sour, such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, desserts, and sweet and sour foods; foods that are prone to gas, such as raw shallots, raw garlic, raw radishes, garlic oil, onions, etc .; cold foods, such as plenty of cold drinks, cold mixesVegetables, etc .; hard foods, such as bacon, ham, sausage, mussels, etc .; strong condiments, such as pepper, curry powder, mustard, chili oil, etc.


Choose a balanced diet with high nutritional value, soft and easy to digest, such as milk, eggs, eggs, soy milk, fish, lean meat, etc., processed and prepared to become soft and easy to digest without irritation to digestion; at the same time, supplement enough heat energy, protein and vitamins.

Choose to eat foods of B vitamins, vitamin A and vitamin C; the staple food is mainly pasta.


Cooking methods.

You can choose steaming, cooking, braising, soft-boiled, braised, braised and other cooking methods. It is not suitable to use deep-fried, deep-fried, stir-fried, vinegar, cold mix and other processed foods.


In addition, when eating, you should feel comfortable and chew slowly to facilitate digestion; prepare delicious meals according to your own eating habits; provide soft, soft, and low-fiber foods.