[Difference between condensed milk and salad dressing]_Cheese_Difference

[Difference between condensed milk and salad dressing]_Cheese_Difference

Everyone in life should like salad dressing, and salad dressing is mainly made with eggs and oil, so salad dressing has become a versatile sauce.

Especially if you put the salad dressing in some pasta or sweets, it can show a good taste, and those who like bread should taste the condensed milk taste in the bread. Since the condensed milk and salad dressing are similar, the condensed milkWhat’s the difference from salad dressing?

Condensed milk is a milk product that is made from fresh milk or goat’s milk after being sterilized and concentrated. It is characterized by its shelf life.

Usually, fresh milk is concentrated by vacuum or other methods to remove most of the water and concentrated to 25% of the original volume?
About 40% of dairy products are made by adding 40% cane sugar.

Condensed milk is too sweet and must be replaced with 5-8 times water.

But when the sweetness meets the requirements, often the concentration of protein and adults is also reduced by half compared to fresh milk.

If you add water to condensed milk to make protein and trace concentrations close to fresh milk, the sugar content will be high. Generally, the main ingredients of bottled salad dressings we buy are vegetable oil, egg yolk and brewed vinegar, plus seasoning.And spices.

Among them, vegetable oils are mostly olive oil in Europe, while soybean salad oil is generally used in Asia.

After the oil and egg yolk are thoroughly stirred, emulsification occurs, and it becomes a delicious salad dressing.

A small amount of vinegar is mainly antibacterial, so salad dressings generally do not contain preservatives and can be regarded as a “green food”.

Cheese (one of which is also called cheese) is a fermented milk product. Its properties are similar to common yogurts. They are made through the fermentation process. They also contain healthy lactic acid bacteria, but the concentration of cheeseHigher than yoghurt, similar to solid food, and therefore more nutritious.

Each kilogram of cheese products is concentrated from 10 kilograms of milk. It is rich in protein, calcium, trace, phosphorus and vitamins and is a pure natural food.

In terms of technology, cheese is fermented milk; in terms of nutrition, cheese is concentrated milk.

Usage: Because condensed milk is sweet, it can be used to coat bread or processed dessert salad dressing. It can be used to mix various types of salads.And then put it in pizza, rice, etc.