[Can I drink rice porridge to lose weight]_How to lose weight_How to lose weight

[Can I drink rice porridge to lose weight]_How to lose weight_How to lose weight

In modern society, people attach great importance to their own image. Many people hate their own obesity. All obese people will find many ways to lose weight to lose weight for themselves. Many extra people have heard that drinking rice porridge can lose weight, but thisThere is no scientific basis for this kind of thinking, and it is not certain that this way can lose weight. So, can rice porridge lose weight?

First, can drinking rice porridge reduce weight?

If you want to use porridge to lose weight, it is estimated that you can’t drink it for two weeks and you can’t drink it!

After all, you are not the kind of monk in the ancient times (now monks can eat meat) . porridge or rice, for the role of weight loss porridge, can the ancestors lose weight, but it has three major effects, hydration, low trace fast supplementation, regulating digestionFeatures.

In terms of weight loss, there is no substantial difference between porridge and rice. It is a misunderstanding that the conversion of rice is high and the conversion of porridge is low.

Drinking only porridge, the starch in the porridge turns into a fast transition, so hungry fast, and not easy to eat at the same time, it will lead to eat more.

If you keep drinking only 1-2 bowls of porridge per day, your body energy will naturally be recovered from other foods.

At the same time, the nutrition of porridge is uneven, and drinking porridge alone can easily hurt you.

Second, the main nutrition of porridge is starch, and it is liquid.

According to research, when gastric ulcer hormones increase in the body, people feel aging and develop a strong appetite.

And sugar, protein and other nutrients can inhibit gastric ulcer hormones, making people feel full.

To list proteins, sugars are less capable of inhibiting gastric ulcer hormones.

If you don’t eat protein at one meal and simply eat a small amount of high food, you will quickly feel aging.

In other words, if you drink porridge, you will soon feel old in the evening.

In the dry state, people are more eager to eat high-fat, high-sugar foods.

This makes it easy to get fat.

Therefore, you can’t drink porridge alone at night, you should pair it with some protein-rich and fiber-rich foods.

In addition, it is recommended not to cook only white porridge if it is cooked at night.

You can add some ingredients to make a pot of mixed cereal porridge.

Can I drink rice porridge to lose weight?

Cucumber and egg method only eat cucumber and eggs at each meal, instead of 3 meals, insist on 7 days, you are thin, but then you will miss the taste of Laoganma.

Is a good way to scrape oil.

Principle: Cucumber pulp is crunchy, sweet, juicy, and delicious. It contains gum, fruit acid, and biologically active enzymes, which can promote body metabolism and can treat sunburn, freckles, and skin allergies.

Cucumber can also clear heat and diuretic, and prevent constipation.

The glyceric acid contained in fresh cucumber can effectively inhibit the conversion of sugars into misfortune. Therefore, eating cucumber often has great benefits in weight loss and prevention of coronary heart disease.

If you do not eat at noon, you will not eat anything more than three in the afternoon. Of course, you ca n’t eat it when you can, so you can lose a few kilos a week.

Principle: Rest at night, the energy consumed by the body is replenished, and the excessive energy absorbed is converted into aunt hoarding.

The precaution of this method is that breakfast and lunch must be full and eat well, and supplement the necessary nutrients for the day.

Health Tip: If you are really hungry, you can drink more water or eat an apple.